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McGill Engineering is a specialist supplier of distributor technology to the water market, enjoying a strong reputation with key clients such as Northern Ireland Water.

The company has grown around a strengthening specialism in the operation of trickling filter distributor arms. This reached full realisation in the development and offer of the McGill Distributor to the market.

Through this niche solution to tricking filter operational challenges, the company has honed its specialism, and, with over 30,000,000 operational hours completed, the McGill Distributor has been perfected to its current status as an ideal addition to trickling filter wastewater treatment works.

From this tradition, McGill Engineering continues to assist clients maximise their return on existing trickling filter assets, minimise energy costs and defer unnecessary capital expenditure.

Company Profile

The Company was founded by John McGill who led the development, engineering and patent of a superior distributor arm with low blockage, zero energy and durability which could significantly enhance the performance of trickling filter assets for water companies.

Growing around a specialism in trickling filter operation the company's proven track record is comprehensively evidenced by the fact that the McGill Distributor operates in over 75% of Northern Ireland Water’s numerically compliant trickling filters.

From this success the company is expanding operations to a wider market to share the benefits of the McGill Distributor.


The operational cost and carbon footprint of energy intensive treatment processes puts into stark relief the benefits of traditional, energy efficient, options.

By revisiting and leveraging upon existing assets to better meet increasing loadings and tightening discharge standards, McGill can help clients avoid the environmental and cost impacts of high energy new build alternatives.


The McGill Engineering safety culture influences every aspect of its daily operation. This starts with the clear communication of safe working policies, continues through robust attitude to risk avoidance in activities undertaken and finishes with rigorous follow through on planned safe actions during fabrication and on site works.

The strength of this culture is reflected in a proud safety record of zero RIDDOR reportable injuries in over 30 years of operation.

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