By efficiently harnessing paddle wheel technology and open trough distribution, the McGill Distributor delivers a resilient rotation and distribution solution that underpins effective filter bed performance.

The common reactionary type distributor has long struggled with a minimum flow requirement and tendency to block, impeding regular rotation and effective distribution of effluent.

By removing these performance impediments, the McGill Distributor is able to deliver reliable effluent distribution across the diurnal and wet weather flow patterns of the common combined wastewater network.

The McGill Distributor translates the dynamic flow profile of incoming wastewater into a steady, regular rotation and dynamic flushing intensity profile. In controlling biofilm thickness, maximising surface area wetting and fully utilising the media volume, the McGill Distributor offers the leading solution for filter bed optimisation.

Mcgill Engineering - Technology
Mcgill Engineering - Technology

MCGILL Distribution SYSTEM

The McGill Distributor has distinctive features that put clear water between it and its competitors. Most noticeable is the cantilevered inflow delivery system which stretches over the trickling filter.

By removing the under bed feed and central duckfoot arrangement, the central column is dedicated solely to structural stability, required to ensure even distribution of effluent through v-notch channels in all flow and weather conditions. Innovative flow distribution within the central console then provides further control, diverting excessive flows away from the central paddlewheels, ensuring rotation speed is controlled within a tight band.

Finally, in the absence of centrifugal force, the variable section distribution channel maximises the velocity of flow reaching the outer bed to ensure an even distribution of flow across the bed.

Retrofitted by itself, or in conjunction with a wider package of system optimisation, the McGill Distributor can achieve better filter bed performance without departing from the trickling filter zero energy tradition.

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